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Immanuel joins The Conversation

What are 3 things moving and working in your home country (Ghana) has taught you?


Immanuel joins us on our The Conversation segment to discuss the lessons from his business ventures in Ghana.

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Who is Immanuel ?

Immanuel is a Brit born Ghanaian, and a budding entrepreneur. He's succeeded in building apartment complexes and various forms of accommodation across the hip-city that is Accra. Immanuel's passion for business started when he was in university in Coventry, when he decided that he aspired to work for himself, and be the architect of his own career path. He set off hosting university events for students, called 'Deuces' - and the event was successful enough for Immanuel to host it multiple times, for every year that he was in university, and some years beyond. Now Immanuel reflects on the lessons he's learned after making a big decision to move his business plans to Africa with Canary Homes up and running now, and almost 10 years of entrepreneurial experience.


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