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Japan to Africa: Why the relationship is rekindling?

The announcement of a large sum of funding from the state of Japan to support African development includes promising growth projects for both public and private sector.


The 8th edition of the TICAD (Tokyo International Conference for African Development) established in 1993, took place last Sunday in Tunisia, where representatives of 48 African countries met. With the conference came about the announcement of the country's pledge of $30bn of project finance for the development of the African continent. We followed the story, and we're here to give you a breakdown, including updates from a live interview done by Noriyuki Shakata, the cabinet secretary for foreign affairs.

During the TICAD conference, the announcement was made by the Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, expressing how much in favour the country is of aid to the continent of Africa. The Japanese govt announced the pledge of funds will be invested in human capital, green economy and the improvement of living conditions for the African population, over the period of 3 years. The asian state said it wants to redefine it's approach to foreign aid with a new model of collaboration between Tokyo and Africa, he placed particular emphasis on "Human Resources to create an African population that is more agile and resillient in crises".

Shakata told AfricaNews that Japan will continue to work hard at supporting sustainable development in the continent of Africa. He suggested the redesigned partnership follows the country renewing its pledge to Africa in 2008 - stating that Japan will continue to promote new initiatives focused on people. The global spread of Covid-19 reaffirmed for Japan, the value of ensuring human security that is centred around people. In light of the #UkraineRussiaWar started, this caused food shortages for many African nations and so Japan have provided $300million in core financing to the African Development Bank, to support food production in Africa.

He described TICAD will continue to be vital in supporting sustainable development in the continent, and when asked exactly how their country will help, he outlined this in 4 ways:

  1. $4billion USD pledged for Japan's 'Green Growth' initiative in Africa

  2. Creation of an investment fund for African start-ups, valued at equivalent to 10billion yen ($76million USD).

  3. Human Resources development, 300,000 professionals in Africa

  4. $5million USD contribution to the African Development Bank for the comprehensive development of the private sector.

He noted that more Japanese businesses are becoming increasingly interested in investing in African start-ups, in green economies and in professionals, particularly those who fall into the younger generation.

More to follow on this story. What are your thoughts?


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