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Ancient African Kingdoms

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Learn about the great ancient African kingdoms in some detail, in this intense10-question quiz. You can download the answer sheet at the bottom of the post. Good luck , enjoy and don't forget to comment your score.

Use the quiz to brush up on your African History knowledge, in a fun games night with your friends and family or even for educational purposes!

One more thing...

don't go on google!

*Answers selected can only be confirmed by downloading the answers sheet.


Question #1 - Which phrase was used to refer to the ancient Kingdom of Punt?

Select an answer below

  • A) The Land of Sand

  • B) Golden Mountains

  • C) The Land of Gold

Question #2 - Which historic kingdom was both a trading partner and a military rival to Egypt at the same time?

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  • A) Kingdom of Aksum

  • B( Kingdom of Kush

Question #3 - The Kingdom of Aksum had it's own written script, one of the first to emerge from Africa. What was it called?

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  • A) Ak'Su

  • B) Axum

  • C) Ge'ez

Question #4 - Which raw materials did the Kingdom of Kush operate a lucrative trade in?

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  • A) Cocoa, Wheat, Rice

  • B) Ivory, Incense, Iron, Gold

  • C) Natural Medicinal Remedies

Question #5 - How many manuscripts did the Sankore University in Timbuktu have?

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  • A) 1,000,000

  • B) 700,000

  • C) 500,000

You're half way through the quiz! Keep it up.

Question #6 - Sundiata Keita of the Mali Empire was also known as what?

Select an answer below

  • A) The Lion King

  • B) The Cheetah King

  • C) The People's King

  • D) The Violent King

Question #7 - Which African Kingdom was said to be bigger than Western Europe?

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  • A) Kingdom of Asante

  • B) Kingdom of Benin

  • C) Kingdom of Songhai

Question #8 - The Kingdom of Great Zimbabwe is said to be the residence of which ancient Queen?

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  • A) Queen of Sheba

  • B) Queen Nandi

Question #9 - The ancient Kingdom of Nri is located in which modern day state in Igboland?

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  • A) Enugu

  • B) Abia

  • C) Anambra

Question #10 - Descendants of which ancient kingdom can be mostly found in Burkina Faso, with smaller groups found in Ghana and Ivory Coast?

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  • A) Baule Descendants

  • B) Mossi Descendants

  • C) Asante Descendants

You've completed the quiz, well done! Click below to check your answers. Don't forget to leave the quiz a comment of your score!

Quiz 04 - Ancient African Kingdoms - ANSWER SHEET
Download PDF • 103KB

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