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Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Test your knowledge on the European colonisers of African countries in this historical 10-question quiz. You can download the answer sheet at the bottom of the post. Good luck , enjoy and don't forget to comment your score.

Use the quiz to brush up on your African History knowledge, in a fun games night with your friends and family or even for educational purposes!

One more thing...

don't go on google!

*Answers selected can only be confirmed by downloading the answers sheet.


Question #1 - Which European country colonised Ivory Coast?

Choose one:

  • A) Belgium

  • B) France

  • C) Britain

Question #2 - The British ruled 30% of Africa's people at one time.

Is this statement True or False?

Select an answer below:

  • A) True

  • B) False

Question #3 - Who colonised the Republic of Congo?

Choose one:

  • A) France

  • B) Belgium

Question #4 - Which European country colonised Rwanda?

Choose one:

  • A) Britain

  • B) Netherlands

  • C) Germany

Question #5 - Which European country colonised Namibia?

Choose one:

  • A) Britain

  • B) Germany

You're half way through the quiz. Keep it up!

Question #6 - Which of the following countries did the Portuguese NOT colonise?

Choose one:

  • A) Djibouti

  • B) Mozambique

  • C) Sao Tome and Principe

Question #7 - Which country in Africa was not colonised?

Choose one:

  • A) Botswana