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The Dark Tales of Congo DR (2020)

The Dark Tales of Congo DR (2020)


The Dark Tales of Congo DR is a 12 chapter text museum that retells a sequence of events in the country the Democratic Republic of Congo [DRC] between the 17th to the 21st century, through the eyes of a frustrated young Congolese and Angolan woman who grew up in the UK.




Shirley Sozinha begins the book with an insight into the historic Kingdom of Kongo, delving into the history of her roots and sharing some insight into the impact of the transatlanctic slave trade on the Bakongo people of Congo and Angola.


The book delves deep into King Leopold II and the Congo Free State, the author discusses important events such as the #BerlinConference, the Katangese Succession, Independence Day, the First civil war in Congo and much more. 


Grab your digital copy of the Best Seller today and embark on this insightful journey into the "dark" history of Africa's heartbeat.

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