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The art pictured here is that of Serge Attukwei Clottey, a Ghanaian artist. It's from his art concept 'Afrogallonism' - which is a celebration of the yellow gallons initially used to carry cooking oil and then reused to carry water or sometimes fuel. As you look around the website, you will see many images from the Afrogallonism concept, as well as other African art. 


True African pride; comes from anything. That's what the art tells us and that's what Uncover is built on. Uncover prides itself on being a Pan-African, cultural hub. A space for people to "tap-in" to their roots, or "discover themselves" if you like, all with the intention of embracing our many differences as African people. The platform is intended to connect Africans from the diaspora to Africans all over the world, especially back in the motherland. Through knowledge, perspective, discourse and of course, enjoyment - we hope to empower, engage and educate our own people. 

We strongly believe in the power of collaboration in our community, which is why Uncover hosts likeminded professionals from across the diaspora who offer a range of professional services - a great way to strengthen our network.

You can explore a range of content, including news and updates, archives of articles and blogs on topics across African history and digital content from our in-house channel.

A Pan-African Cultural Hub

At Uncover we want there to be something for everybody. Our online platform can be described as a Pan-African Hub, because we want you to feel like you're in a community of likeminded people, whenever you visit this site! You can explore the following:



Our Members area is constantly growing. We want to be able to give members of the Uncover Platform the most value, and so you can expect exclusive content and resources for your perusal. We launched with our Forum. A Pan-African timeline and certainly the first of it's kind. Only members can share posts, while all can view only..



The TAP IN! Blog has a lot to offer. Not only can you enjoy blogs, news and quizzes. You can also access and request research papers that are published by Uncover Platform (some research papers are only available upon subscription). We are also always looking for people to have their say and write guest blog posts on topics of your interest.



We're proud to say our video channel is hosted in-house. On the channel you can access all visual content relating to or published by from Uncover Platform. This includes any visual content from features or collaborations, clips from our interview segment 'The Conversation' where we welcome young Africans to speak about their professions, and more. 

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