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M23 Launch drone attack on Goma airport hitting civilian aircraft.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has accused Rwanda backed M23 of carrying out a drone attack of an airport in the eastern city of Goma. The drone attack hit a civilian aircraft and caused major damage.

The circumstances in the east of Congo have become more volatile in the last few weeks, around the town of Sake all the way to Goma, between Congolese government forces and the rebel group M23.

MONUSCO/Sylvain Liechti People displaced by fighting between M23 and FARDC set up camp on the outskirts of Goma.

Last night (Friday), at around 2am in the morning local time, the Rwandan backed militia group launched a drone attack. “It had obviously come from the Rwandan territory, violating the territorial integrity of the Democratic Republic of the Congo,” Lieutenant-Colonel Guillaume Ndjike Kaito, army spokesperson for North Kivu province described in a video broadcast.

The Congolese army suspect that the drones “targeted aircraft of DRC armed forces”. However, it was not an army aircraft that was hit, but a civilian aircraft instead. Goma residents heard two loud explosions around the same time of the attacks. Alain Uaykani, reporting for Al Jazeera from Goma on Saturday, said that the Congolese government recognise that M23 are capable of more advanced attacks than they expected. This is why Congolese people and the government are arguing that there are other world players backing the rebel groups operating the the east of Congo. 

No deaths have yet been reporting, while there have been some injuries. Rwanda continues to deny all allegations.

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