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African Kings & Queens

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Learn about the great kings and queens of Africa in this thorough 15-question quiz. You can download the answer sheet at the bottom of the post. Good luck , enjoy and don't forget to comment your score.

Use the quiz to brush up on your African History knowledge, in a fun games night with your friends and family or even for educational purposes!

One more thing...

don't go on google!

*Answers selected can only be confirmed by downloading the answers sheet.


Question #1 - Which ancient African queen was known as a great warrior of Hausaland?

Select an answer below

  • A) Queen Bakwa

  • B) Queen Halsa

  • C) Queen Aminatu

Question #2 - The first imperial ruler of the Kingdom of Ethiopia, and first in-line for Aksûmite kings was who?

Select an answer below

  • A) King Menelik II

  • B) King Awre

Question #3 - Makeda, the Queen of Sheba had a son with which biblical figure?

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  • C) JACOB

Question #4 - King Pedro V ruled the Kingdom of Kongo for two years only. He was labelled a 'dupe' and sellout initially, by which other royal?

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  • A) Prince Nicolau

  • B) King Alvaro VI

Question #5 - Who was known as "the mad Queen of Madagascar" ?

Select your answer below

  • A) Queen Ranavalona

  • B) Queen Ramada

  • C) Queen Adriamihaja

Question #6 - Shaka Zulu was one of the Zulu kingdom’s greatest kings, his mother fell pregnant with him out of wedlock, and was known for her resilience as a mother and being the voice of reason during times of political strife with neighbouring kingdoms. What was her name?

Select your answer below

  • A) Queen Nefile

  • B) Queen Nandi

Question #7 - Which is the image most identified to be Queen Nzinga?

Choose an image below

  • A)

  • B)

Question #8 - Which Wolof queen protected her people from the Moors, French and Arabs who wanted to take their lands?

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  • A) Queen Ndaté Yalla Mbodj

  • B) Queen Ndjeumbeut Mbodj

You're half way through the quiz! Keep it up.

Question #9 - How many years did Queen _____ rule Madagascar for?

Select your answer below

  • A) 27 years

  • B) 33 years

  • C) 37 years

  • D) 41 years

Question #10 - The below image is a photo of the compound of Lukenga, in the Kasai province of Congo DRC. What is the name of the kingdom he ruled over?

Select an answer below

  • A) Kasai Kingdom

  • B) Luba Kingdom

  • C) Kuba Kingdom

Question #11 - Queen Nanny was a Ghanaian born woman who led a group of enslaved Africans in Jamaica to victory against British colonisers in the 18th century. What was the group called?

Select an answer below

  • A) Windward Maroons

  • B) Accompong Maroons

  • C) Peace Maroons

Question #12 - Eze Nri Obalike ruled the Kingdom of Nri from 1889 - 1936. Where is the modern-day region where this kingdom existed?

Select an answer below

  • A) North-West Niger

  • B) South-East Nigeria

Question #13 - Lukeni Lua Nimi was the founding ruler of the Kingdom of Kongo, which of the below was a special power he was said to possess?

Select an answer below

  • A) he could read minds

  • B) could go months without consuming food

  • C) could control the weather

Question #14 - Which African king did Forbes name 'the richest man of all time' ?

Select an answer below

  • A) Musa Keita

  • B) Sulli Mahel

Question #15 - Osei Tutu, the first ruler of the Asante (Ashanti) empire does not have a confirmed year of death according to records. What are the years he supposedly died?

Select an answer below

  • A) 1711 or 1716

  • B) 1712 or 1717

You've completed the quiz, well done! Click below to check your answers. Don't forget to leave the quiz a comment of your score!

Quiz 03 - African Kings & Queens - ANSWER SHEET
Download PDF • 124KB

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